The third steering committee meeting
January 10, 2017

The third steering committee meeting for METHODS Project held on 10th–13th January 2017 in Ramallah-Palestine. It was hosted by Birzeit University and attended by 20 representatives from different project partners including Jordan, Palestine, Denmark, United Kingdom of Britain, Germany, and Spain.

The Steering Committee discussed the status and the work plan of the project activities. The meeting focused on discussing the development of the teaching material and training plan for the academic staff which aims to enhance the competences of teachers in teaching and learning, and to enhance the competences of teachers in using Learning Management Systems like conducting online sessions, developing learning object, collaboration with student, etc.

The Steering Committee also reviewed the equipment list that will be used for establishing the autonomous ICT center at Jordan and Palestine, and also for the implementation of smart classrooms.

In addition, the committee met the President of Birzeit University, Prof. Abdul Latif Abu Hijleh. The participants of the meeting also conducted a tour for many centres and research labs in Birzeit University.

The fourth Steering Committee meeting is scheduled to take place in September, 2017 in Girona, Spain.



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