Four Local Training Workshops on "Modern Educational Methodologies" in Jordan
July 15, 2018

A series of successful training workshops on “Modern Educational Methodologies and the Educational Portal (MethodsX) toward Improving Teaching and Learning in Jordan” were conducted last week (July15-19, 2018) at each partner university in Jordan (The University of Jordan, Hashemite University, Jordan University of Science and Technology, and Al-Zaytoonah University).

The training workshops focused on applying of Modern Educational Methodologies such as Problem Based Learning and its benefits to enhance 21 century skills of learners. Also; MOOCS as an approach toward flexible innovative learning and its opportunities was one of the topics. In addition; a demonstration of selected courses from METHODS project adopting PBL, Flipped Learning and Moocs were presented. Moreover; The developed educational Portal (MethodsX) through the project were presented to participants.

During these workshops, speakers from stakeholders were invited to deliver a presentation on using ICT in education.

The training was delivered by the team members of METHODS project from Jordan and Palestine who trained previously in Europe:

Prof. Ahmed Al-Salaymeh, METHODS project general coordinator; Dr. Wasel Ghanem, Dean of Engineering School at Birzeit University; Prof. Lutfi Al-Sharif, Professor at Mechatronics Engineering department at The University of Jordan; and Dr. Muhannad Al-Shboul, faculty member at School of Educational Sciences at The University of Jordan.



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Prof. Ahmed Al-Salaymeh,
The University of Jordan, Jordanrsity of Jordan, Jordan