Birzeit University (BZU) started as a school in 1924, and became the first institution of higher education in Palestine in 1972. Over the past three decades, the university has become well-recognized amongst the more prominent universities of the Middle East. Nowadays BZU comprises 9 faculties offering 46 undergraduate programs and 23 master’s programs. Birzeit is also home to 11 institutes and centers that support community oriented programs geared towards training, capacity building, research and maintaining sustainable development in Palestine. BZU has student body of approximately 11,000 students of which about 1400 are graduate students and full time faculty members of 450, as in the academic year 2014 – 2015.
Birzeit University
Wasel Ghanem
Ghanem received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University Elangen-Nuremburg in 1999. Has served as head of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department for more than 6 years and co-founder of Information Technology Faculty in the university, and lately as a Director General for Palestine Education Initiative (PEI) for more than 3 years in the Ministry of Education and higher Education. Has participated in different projects, such as local coordinator for RUFO TEMPUS project , a coordinator of "Miftaah project" funded from UNESCO and many others related. At present, he is the President of Internet Society-Palestine Chapter ( ISOC) an NGO interested in internet governance and freedom of access. His main interest is in the area of ICT in education, especially educational portals and learning objects, entrepreneurship and innovation, developing smart sensors, and pattern analysis.
Abdellatif Abu Issa
Abu-Issa is an Assistant Professor and former Head of Computer Systems Engineering Department at Birzeit University. He got his BSc with distinction from Birzeit University in 2001, MSc with distinction in 2004 and PhD in 2009, both from the University of Birmingham, UK in Electronic and Computer Engineering. Dr. Abu-Issa has many publications in the field of Digital Systems and e-learning. He has taught many courses including Digital Systems, Computer Organization, Data compression, Cryptography and Information Security. Current interest topics (in research and applications) of Dr. Abu-Issa are Information Security, Biometrics, Digital Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining.
George Yerousis
George holds MSc. In Environmental and Water ngineering and BSc. In Chemical Engineering from Arizona State university in 1994. He is training coordinator of IT Center of Excellence in the university. His mean research interest is in social informatics, e-learning, and social entrepreneurship.
Rana Alqaisi
Rana is Teaching and Research Assistant in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department holds B.Sc. in Computer Engineering. Her main research interest is in sentiment analysis, e-learning, and machine learning.


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