ANNU is the leading institution of higher education in Palestine. It offers excellent instructions and great learning opportunities to the Palestinian students. During its progress, ANNU has responded immediately and successfully to students´ needs offering many concentrations in almost all areas of academia. The University has twenty faculties offering bachelor degrees in sixty-five academic programs, thirty three masters programs, two PhD program in chemistry and Physics, as well as twenty-one programs offering diplomas. Related to the modernization of Higher education methodologies there are some steps done but it is not exploited up to maximum and it doesn't have systematic approach. The ANNU is strongly determined to exploit more possibilities for improving the modernization of Higher education methodologies in a position to offer quality education compatible with European standards in order to graduate professional leaders who can meet market needs of the country. The ANNU with its staff has been active in most of the programmes developed through the Ministry of higher education. With this initiative and expertise from our EU partners the modernization sector will be fostered and stronger. ANU has established several centers whose mission is to promote excellence in learning like the Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT), the e-learning Center, and the Quality Assurance Unit. These units and centers work in close cooperation to facilitate the transition towards more learner centered environments and to provide learners with real life learning situations.
An-Najah National University
Imad H.Y.Braik
Dr. Imad Braik currently works as EU_Projects Coordinator at ANNU, Director of the Energy Research Center, and he is an associate professor at the Electrical Engineering Department and Coordinator of the master program “Clean Energy and Energy Conservation”.
Abdel Karim Abdel Raziq
Dr. Abdel Karim Abdel Raziq currently works as director and senior trainer at The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CELT). He has published articles on blended language teaching environments, Moodle course design, post-colonial and minority literature, translation between Arabic and English. Dr. Abdel Raziq's research interests are in faculty professional development programs, new trends in teaching and learning, African, Arab and American contemporary literatures, and translation studies. He is an associate professor at the English Department and a co-founder of the American Studies minor program at Najah University. He has received his PhD in contemporary literature and literary theory from Southern Illinois University, Illinois, USA.
Fadia Nasser Hashaika
Eng. Fadia Hashaika currently work as EU_Projects Coordinator Assistance at ANNU, Research Engineer at Energy Research Center – ANNU.
Fatma F.S.Sakhel
Miss.Fatima Sakhil currently works as an EU- Project Financial Accountant in the Financial Department at ANNU.


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