Plovdiv University is one of the leading higher-education institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria. It is the largest University in Southern Bulgaria and the second biggest in Bulgaria. Plovdiv University was initially founded in 1961 as a Higher Institute of Pedagogy for Natural Sciences and Mathematics. It was declared a University in 1972.
The University has received official state accreditation (2013), which allows it to confer each form of educational degree i.e. specialist, bachelor, master and doctor. Teaching and research activities are carried out by over 669 highly qualified full-time lecturers, including 86 Full Professors, 211 Associate Professors, 294 Senior Assistant Professors, 78 Assistants Professors and other teachers. Approximately 14 000 full-time students and more than 4 000 part-time students are trained in more than 80 bachelor and 100 master courses including natural, humanitarian, social, engineering and economic sciences.
Plovdiv University
Nevena Mileva
Prof. Nevena Mileva has a M.S. Degree in Electronics and Ph.D. in Computer technologies in education from Technical University of Sofia, and M.S. Degree in Educational Technology from University of Twente, the Netherlands. She is currently Vice Rector in Research, Science, Project activities and International cooperation of Plovdiv University and lecturer in IT. She is engaged with utilization of IT in education, development and application of Internet-based Performance-centred approach in education and training. She is involved in instructional design and evaluation of e- and m-learning programs in different educational fields. She is coordinator of 7 projects in LLP and involved in more than 25 international projects. 80 papers and more than 3 books in the field.
Iliana Sahandzhieva
Iliana Sahandzhieva has a M.S. degree in Economics with Computer Science from the University of National and World Economy, Sofia. Executive-level project manager with 13 years of marketing and business management experience in both the public and private sector. Currently executed and maintained project management processes in the areas of: project design, risk/issue management, cost management; She has been involved in eight EU projects for the past four years.


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