WUSMED is a politically independent association committed to academic freedom and the encouraging of the potential of academic cooperation and international relations. Our vision is to be the competent partner for the development of higher education as key factor for socio-economic and political advancement of societies. WUSMED stand out as basic and fundamental objectives that are given below: - To promote, coordinate, develop and evaluate activities in international cooperation for sustainable human development in the Mediterranean countries. - Develop education, training, communication and research that are directed to respond to the needs of the social, economic and cultural development focusing specially on issues of common interest with the in the Mediterranean countries. - Collaborate in the creation and management of centres for teaching, research, development and innovation to help achieve the goals of WUSMED. - Enhance knowledge transfer from the University through advice, encouragement and possible participation in companies for the use, dissemination and commercialization of knowledge. - Participate and activate various research projects in the areas of the own work of WUSMED and that are of interest to institutions, universities, NGOs for Development and companies from both continents. - Organize activities and disseminate information such as scholarships, prizes, contests, seminars, courses, seminars, conferences, academic meetings and other events.
World University Service of the Mediterranean
Josep Juandó Bosch
Graduated as teacher of primary school (Girona 1975), in Sciences of Education (Autonomous University of Barcelona, 1980) and PhD by the University of Girona, 2008 (title of PhD thesis: “The teamwork among teachers: causes and effects”). Experienced in teaching at the primary school level and at the university level. Several years of experience managing and coordinating teaching support services and systems at primary, secondary and university levels (Department of Education of the government of Catalonia-Girona, and University of Girona). Experienced designing models, student’s evaluation systems and software to manage teaching processes based on competences (parameters of the Bologna Process).
MBA Denisa Gibovic
Graduated in German and Slavic Philology and Political Science, University of Vienna, Austria (1999); Master in Management of International Projects by the Technical University of Vienna, Austria (2001); Master in Business Innovation and Technology Management by University of Girona (2008); and International Master of Business Administration (iMBA) Programme by La Salle, University Ramon Llull in Barcelona (2015). More than 10 years of experience in development and management of public funded projects related to HEIs, technology transfer, R&Di, education, etc. The main areas of interest are the modernization and the internationalisation of HEIs and the strengthening of its relationship with companies and the society in general focusing on innovation as the main link for their cooperation.
Estel Guillaumes
Graduated in Business and Management (2011) by the University of Girona and Master in International Cooperation (2012). She had scholarship holder at the CZU (Prague) and UniBrasil (Curitiba) and also had the experience in development cooperation accomplishing different NGOs projects in Latin America. Spite of she had finance and accounting experience by the private sector, since 2014 she is working in WUSmed with the financial management of European Projects. Furthermore, she coordinates project activities related to general project management, analyse European programme calls and prepares project proposals related to financial and administrative tasks.


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